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The future of
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The Paladin Hydrogen Difference

Revolutionising the coal industry

As Australia and the developed world moves away from energy generated from fossil fuels, renewables (primarily wind and solar), have undergone a massive scaleup in an attempt to meet Climate Change targets. Meanwhile, as Australia's largest export earner, coal remains deeply embedded in Australia's economy and the coal industry continues to be a major employer and contributor to the Australian economy.

Therefore, as Australia joins the world in moving towards decarbonisation, a solution for this dilemma is to find alternative uses for coal that do not contribute to GHG. Of course, this can only occur if the alternative use for coal requires no combustion.

Paladin Hydrogen has the solution. In addition, Paladin Hydrogen can take CO2 emissions from other industries, such as gas-fired thermal power stations and sequester the carbon whilst generating clean hydrogen.


With Australia struggling to meet its emissions reduction targets, electricity infrastructure managers failing to adequately maintain grid quality, and business facing a massive task to transform operations in line with the nation’s net-zero emissions commitment, there is an increasingly desperate push to find solutions and to implement a transition period for decarbonisation of electricity generation.


The Directors of Paladin Hydrogen have identified, developed and applied unique technology that has the capacity to help Australia achieve its Climate Change targets without sacrificing electricity price, grid reliability, the economy and the broader regional community.

Paladin Hydrogen Logo-03.png

Unique technology

Paladin's unique C2H2 (coal to hydrogen) Process is a cheaper, completely reliable source of energy which has the potential to eliminate GHG emissions from coal fired electricity generation within years not decades. This unique technology uses coal as feedstock into a system of reactors which creates clean hydrogen with zero carbon emissions. In addition, Paladin’s Cseq (Carbon sequestration) Process can be added as a Bolt-on to existing carbon emitters such as gas-fired power stations, to sequester the CO2,  render it inert and reuse the output for a range of uses.

Paladin Hydrogen holds the commercial right to the  unique and patented process for both C2H2 and Cseq.

Building Community

Australia is advancing on  the path to eliminate fossil fuels for electricity generation and replace it with renewables by 2035. This is commendable but appearing increasingly unachievable, as reliable, cost-effective base load power is lost to the variability and uncertainty of supply as well as the increased costs of electricity.

The Directors of Paladin Hydrogen believe that there should be well managed transition away from coal to clean, green energy, and this can be achieved by the unique technology employed by Paladin in its C2H2 (coal to hydrogen) Process as well as its Cseq (carbon sequestration) Plants that can be bolted-on to industrial plants or power stations that produce CO2 emissions.

The coal industry is one of Australia's major employers and our economic powerhouse, so it stands to reason that if we shut down coal completely, we destroy our economy and the main source of income for hundreds of thousands of families and the communities in which they live. Paladin Hydrogen is committed to providing a clean, reliable and cheaper source of green energy that utilises coal as feedstock, and therefore keeps the communities alive as well as GHG emissions free.

How does it work?

Energy generation causes around 75% of global CO2 emissions, and although progress has been made to advance carbon neutral renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, they cannot deliver adequate base-load power without significant battery storage infrastructure, which is very expensive and lacks the necessary capacity for sustained use.
In developing nations and in East Asia, coal is still the energy source of choice because it provides cheap and reliable base load power. However, coal fired power stations produce unacceptable GHG emissions which may contribute to climate change.
Imagine how the world would benefit if coal could still be a source of cheap and reliable base load power, but without the carbon emissions!
The Paladin Hydrogen carbon zero C2H2 (coal to hydrogen) process is ground-breaking in terms of it’s potential for far-reaching impact on how clean and green energy is generated. Traditional thermal coal is used as feedstock into the unique, technologically advanced C2H2 process, with no combustion of the coal and no emissions. Cost-effective carbon zero hydrogen is produced which can be utilised for clean and reliable energy generation to create a fully sustainable outcome; environmentally, socially and economically.

In addition, Paladin’s Cseq Process also generates clean hydrogen as it sequesters CO2, rendering it inert.


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