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What we do

Until recently, in an effort to eliminate carbon emissions, wind and solar have been the focus of investment in alternative energy. However, they depend entirely on ideal weather conditions, they require a stable grid network and they cannot be relied upon for sustainable base load power generation without significant battery storage infrastructure. In any case, wind and solar is a long way off keeping up with global climate change targets, especially given coal fired power generation will be emitting Greenhouse Gases (GHG) through the combustion of coal for the next 30 years.


As Australia’s second largest export earner, coal is deeply embedded in Australia’s economy and the coal industry is a major employer and contributor to the Australian economy.


Therefore, as Australia joins the world in moving towards decarbonisation, a solution for this dilemma is to find alternative uses for coal that do not contribute to GHG. Of course, this can only occur if the alternative use for coal requires no combustion.


This is where Paladin Hydrogen comes in. The hydrogen production technology employed by means of Paladin’s C2H2 process, is totally GHG emissions free because the coal is not fired or burnt in any way.


We regard that Paladin Hydrogen by means of its new, clean C2H2 technology will be a major economic player, as Australia transitions over the coming decades from its reliance on coal exports for thermal energy, to a decarbonised economy. Because Australia is one of the world’s largest producers of thermal coal, it stands to reason it could become one of the world’s largest producers of carbon zero hydrogen using Paladin’s patented technology.

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emissions free energy from coal

Executive Leadership Team


Managing Director

Dave Hodgson

Dave Hodgson is the man behind the mission. He is the Founder, CEO and Managing Director of the multi-billion-dollar Paladin Group, which he specifically grew into a large and diverse conglomerate of companies to provide him with the influence and the affluence to revolutionise the global marketplace. Having grown up in Africa and witnessing firsthand the social distress and human suffering visited upon the African people by their greedy, corrupt, and self-centred leaders, Dave conceived the idea of Wholistic Capitalism (CapitWholism) in Australia in 1987 with a view to achieving universal prosperity and human flourishing in all corners of the earth. He is a visionary thinker with a truly unique macroeconomic perspective whereby all six major stakeholders in every business are treated with equal priority and importance, thus eliminating the propensity for the shareholders to create wealth at the expense of the employees, customers, supply chain, community, and the environment.  


In 1988 Dave realised there was a seventh stakeholder in any business, namely the opposition.   By treating the opposition as fraternity, the underlying culture of greed and self-centredness was further eradicated, and entire marketplace sectors could be reformed, leading the ultimate goal of creating a “Just Nation”. 


As CEO/Managing Director, Dave manages the overall operations of the company including its international connections, ensuring that People, Profit, and Planet, are genuinely balanced for the good of current and future generations.


Process Engineer

Kon Peltekis

INST Eng (RMIT) Dip BA, Gd Cert (VIC UNI)

Kon is responsible for designing and implementing the numerous processes involved in Paladin Hydrogen’s unique C2H2 coal to hydrogen production plant. Together with his team of process engineers, process software developers, instrumentation technicians and fabricators, Kon designs and assembles C2H2 process prototypes for testing and certification, prior to developing those processes to achieve the required capacity. 


Kon has over 20 years experience as an Instrumentation, Process and Electrical Engineer working and sub-contracting for large ASX and International companies including Ozmotech, BP-Caltex Joint Venture, Yallourn Energy, BP Australia, Yokogawa Australia, Honeywell Controls and Kraft Foods in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Food Industries.


He is a specialist in design, specification and implementation of PLC/DCS based control systems and field instrumentation for monitoring, measurement, sub-metering and control of complex chemical and industrial processes. Kon is a member of the Institute of Instrumentation & Controls of Australia and Instrument Society of America and he holds a Diploma in Engineering from RMIT.



John Dingemanse FAIB FAICD

John Dingemanse leads the technical and developmental aspects of Paladin Hydrogen and manages the various projects.

John is the Founder and CEO of CBM Sustainability Group, a group of companies involved in project initiation, development and delivery in a number of industry sectors including property, mining, agri-business and renewable energy. 

John is an entrepreneur who has founded, built up and operated numerous businesses in a range of industry sectors including Property, Professional Services, Construction and Engineering, Telecommunications, Water Management and Resources. He founded his first business at the age of 25, establishing a construction company that within 10 years was the largest construction company in Tasmania and is still operating successfully today. He has continued to establish new enterprises, build them to become fully operational and profitable and then on-sell them.


John is highly regarded for his creative strength, passion for innovation and focus on true sustainability. As both a business and social entrepreneur he has received national acclaim for his achievements, while his company’s projects have received numerous awards for innovation and sustainability.


Scientific Advisor

Dr Russell Beckett

BVSc(Hons), MSc,BA,PhD

Dr Russell Beckett is the company’s lead Scientific Advisor has developed unique methodology for hydrogen production by means of carbonisation. He  is a specialist in carbon dioxide, including its production, transformation and utilisation and has extensive experience, gathered over the past twenty five years, in research that involves carbon dioxide and its chemical alterations into carbonates, bicarbonates and other products.

The electrochemical group in Dr Beckett’s companies has identified a way to deliver bicarbonates to the ocean, at an alkaline pH value, to buffer and prevent ocean acidification, and he is assisting Paladin Hydrogen in enhancing the C2H2 Process to identify further industrial uses for carbonates and bicarbonates. 


Dr Beckett has been overseeing the design and fabrication of the company’s Process D prototype and he undertakes testing, experimentation and lab trials, which enable the company’s process engineering team to implement design modifications and adjustments to enhance the overall outcomes.

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