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Giving back to the community

The owners and Directors of Paladin Hydrogen are driven by vision, not profit.  Of course Paladin needs to be profitable to be sustainable, but the company places equal focus and priority on each of People, Planet and Profit. As a pioneering proponent of the economic culture of “caring and sharing”, Paladin Hydrogen is committed to utilising its corporate profits for the benefit of all stakeholders as well as the natural environment.

For example Paladin Hydrogen mandates to use the  C2H2 process to enable the reduction of the price of hydrogen to developing nations by reducing its profits. This enables developing nations a greater likelihood of achieving Climate Change targets which in turn allows these countries to attract other investment because of their newfound climate credentials. 

Paladin Hydrogen’s C2H2 Process has enormous potential to save tens of thousands of existing jobs in coal-producing countries by eliminating the need to completely shut down the coal industry.  By reducing the emissions from coal mining and eliminating coal combustion, Paladin Hydrogen enables the coal industry to survive but cleans it up at the same time.  This enables thousands of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to continue to operate and enables the ongoing economic stimulation of regional towns that would otherwise be at risk.


The social and economic impacts of preserving major marketplace sectors are crucial in developing nations.  If the coal industry collapses unemployment rises sharply.  The corresponding social distress such as financial hardship, poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, suicide, family breakdown, homelessness and rampant crime are difficult to quantify.

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